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Our Address

Unit 17, Morfa Business Park, Ffordd Sam Pari, Conwy LL32 8HH


In 2020, we launched Blighty Brew Whole-leaf Tea, a range of Organic Green and Black Teas. Imported from the High Mountains of Hunan China, Blighty Brew, is the finest quality tea that we could source and we use it to make our traditionally, slow and small batch brewed Kombucha.

Everything we do at Conwy Kombucha Limited is to ensure that we maximise the goodness of nature. This natural method provides abundant bioactive compounds antioxidants, polyphenols, microbial and metabolite composition that elicit their own credible assumptions for health associations produced during the fermentation process. Our customers can feel the benefits of drinking our Kombucha over the highly processed mass market alternatives.

Every bottle of our Blighty Booch Kombucha has ‘Made in Wales’ proudly printed on the label. Our aim is to get our product into the glasses and guts of the whole of the UK.